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Grinder for back gouging Grinding disc dia. 400 mm. The GBC G400 is a light, powerful, compact and versatile grinder for rapidly grinding and linishing large diameter vessels, boiler shells etc. . Back gauging for welding root removal; Polishing of dish ends, vessels, cones, poles etc; Tack – welded edges preparation by grinding[...]

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The utility model discloses an automatic grinding and back gouging machine for transverse seams, which comprises a frame, a travelling mechanism, an adjusting cross beam, a screw rod adjusting mechanism, a grinding head fixing bracket, a grinding head, a top wheel mechanism, an expansion bracket and a traveling motor reducer, wherein the travelling mechanism is mounted on the frame, …[...]


Feb 16, 2015· The G800 Multi-function grinder with additional abraisive linishing belt designed for Back Gouging/Grinding in the very demanding industry of fabrication where root weld penetration is essential ...[...]

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Gouging in the horizontal position may be done either to the right or to the left, but always with forehand gouging. In gouging to the left, the cutting torch should be held as shown in Figure 5. In gouging to the right, the cutting torch will be reversed to locate the air jet behind the electrode.[...]

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Compact grinder, very light and manoeuvrable machine, designed for back gauging flat plates, equipped with a ø 300 mm grinding disc, easily guidable thanks to a dedicated integrated device for the scope. The unit can also be equipped with an optional vacuum fan for dust and sparks.[...]

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In order to improve the efficiency of back gouging of large thick wall vessels and the work condition, and to reduce labor intensity, this paper presents a large-power, compact-structure and easy-and-simple-handled grinding machine for back gouging of outer circumferential weld. This grinding machine consists of grinding head, manipulator and guide rail.[...]


3 June 2017 - Gouging processes This process is the best alternative to traditional gouging more particularly when precision and safety are priorities. With a removal capability of up to 8 kg/h, Plasma gouging improves operating conditions by reducing noise and fumes. Using the same process as Plasma cutting it enables the removal of metal[...]

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Jun 08, 2004· Plasma arc gouging is one of four common gouging methods. The others are mechanical, oxyfuel, and air carbon arc gouging. Mechanical Gouging. Mechanical gouging methods—grinding, hand milling, routing, and chipping—are widely used. These methods are suitable for metalworking shops, but typically they are slow and often loud. Oxyfuel Gouging.[...]

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Sep 18, 2013· You can use GTAW Twin welders for welding from both side simultaniously to avoid back gouging. Minor back grinding touch up is only required if you use twin weldes. If back gouging un avodable, use plasma arc gouging. ... The Code does not prohibit back-gouging on stainless steel. ... [MW:18674] Back gouging on Stainless steel with carbon arc ...[...]


Back Gouging: The removal of weld and base metal by arc gouging or grinding from the other side of a partially welded joint to assure complete fusion and penetration upon subsequent welding from that side. Backstep Sequence: A longitudinal sequence in which weld passes are made in the direction opposite to the progress of welding. 20 W E L D I ...[...]

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Fiback reduces set-up, clean up and weld time; eliminates post-weld grinding and back gouging and increases work efficiency while minimizing costs. Fiback 200 AMP. Light duty; Sufficient for thinner materials, such as aluminum, carbon steel, chrome steels, cast iron, nickel and cobalt alloys, copper nickel and many more[...]

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Jun 27, 2014· Back gouging/ Grinding In the case of long seams/ Cir. Seams it is recommended to complete the welding from inside first and then perform the back gouging from outside. This may be carried out either by carbon electrode gouging or grinding alone. In the case of carbon electrode gouging it shall be ensured that all block carbon gouge …[...]

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Kay grinding the surface clean prior to welding. Back gouging the joint down to clean metal. Completed upper chine: Chine transition . After months of welding, back gouging, and grinding. The 75 foot long piece of steel is pulled into shape. The boat is starting to literally take shape. It's a wonderful feeling.[...]

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Aug 13, 2019· P-No.-1 Gr-No.-2 to P-No.-1 Gr-No.-2. Material: ASTM A516 Grade 70; Thickness 12.7 mm. Joint design: Groove, included angle 60 deg. Position: 1G. Welding process ...[...]

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Back Gouging for Full Penetration Welds When it comes to critical strength application or members where pressure vessels are involved, on many occasions, we will have to complete an entire penetration weld so as to meet the parameters of the job or project.[...]

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The GBC G400 is a light, powerful, compact and versatile grinder, suitable for rapidly carrying out the main process of taping and grinding of ferrules and typical manufactured items for boilers as: back gauging for welding root removal polishing of dish ends, vessels, cones, poles etc tack - welded edges preparation by grinding welding seam over-thickness removal Use of the GBC G400 Grinder ...[...]

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May 09, 2005· I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding back gouging and when it is required. We have just welded a 3" plate with a backing strip (bevel prep.), removed the backing strip and now are wondering if the side that the backing strip was on should be back gouged and welded? ... or mag particle inspection after grinding / gouging to ...[...]

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PWHT requirements shall be based on Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). AWS D1.1, 5.8 Stress-Relief Heat Treatment: Where required by the contract drawings or specifications, welded assemblies shall be stress relieved by heat treating. (See AWS D1.1, 5.8.1, Requirements for stress-relief treatment;[...]

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Back gouging and grinding machine GBC G400 - YouTube 8 Feb 2011 ... GBC G400 is a compact, powerfull, light and versatile grinder for all grinding operations on pressure vessels as back gouging, polishing, edges ...[...]

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Aug 16, 2019· P-1 Gr.-2 to P-1 Gr.-2. Other welding variables may preset the same above parameters and changing as below: Material: ASTM A516 Grade 70 to ASTM A516 Grade 70[...]

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At Gulf Industry Fair, the company will be showing pictures and a DVD about its most popular machines for edge preparation, back gouging, weld seam removal of longitudinal and circumferential seams and the grinding and polishing of internal and external surfaces as well as machines for grinding stainless steel vessels and dished ends with small material thickness of 600 mm to 1,500 mm.[...]

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Grinding installations for external back gouging and surface grinding on vessels. The machines are equipped with a universal grinding head KS-1200 or a KS-760 (for material up to 50 mm only). Both heads are able to work with grinding wheel or grinding belt.[...]

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An operator uses the air carbon-arc gouging process to back-gouge a weld on a barge. ... This prevents carbon deposits in the base material that cannot be welded without first re-gouging or grinding to completely clean the base material. The width of the groove is usually 1/8 in. wider than the electrode diameter, with depth of gouge controlled ...[...]

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Mar 28, 2010· Back gouging / grinding is a process cutting a groove in the back side of a joint that has been welded. Back gouging can ensure fusion at the root and remove discontinues of the root pass. This process can also remove the root pass metal if the properties of the metal are not desirable to the finished weld.[...]

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It will gouge more accurately and consistently, too. In fact, a typical automated gouge requires ten times less grinding and improves your overall metal removal productivity. The N7500 gouging system will produce excellent U-groove edge preparation and back-gouging for both plate and pipe, and with less edge distortion than flame cutting.[...]

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Mar 28, 2010· Back gouging / grinding is a process cutting a groove in the back side of a joint that has been welded. Back gouging can ensure fusion at the root and remove discontinues of the root pass. This process can also remove the root pass metal if the properties of the metal are not desirable to the finished weld.[...]

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back gouging grinding Air Carbon Arc Cutting Gouging HOWTO Alloy Avenue back gouging grinding,Everything you wanted to know about Air Carbon Arc Cutting Gouging Air Carbon Arc Cutting Gouging is a very usefull metal removal process It differs signicantly from both oxy fuel cutting and plasma cutting The process uses a[...]

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advanced Welding Symbols 151 FieLd weLd A field weld is defined by the American Welding Society (AWS) as "[a] weld made at a location other than a shop or the place of initial construction."1 The field weld symbol consists of a flag that is placed at the intersection where the[...]

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Typical applications include back gouging, removal of surface and internal defects, removal of excess weld metal and preparation of bevel edges for welding. ... Dressing by grinding the side-walls of the gouge should be carried out if a carbon rich layer has been formed. Also, dressing by grinding or another approved method will be necessary if ...[...]

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A back weld is when you gouge or grind out the incomplete penatration from other side of weld joint, then weld void. A backing weld is when you use a metal or ceramic plate back up on the usually beveled joint back side being welded so as to absor...[...]